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Naume Pangidzwa

Naume Pangidzwa

"Naume did everything very well. She was outstanding in every respect! "

Donald Burke
16-time traveler from Ormond Beach, FL

Born:- Zvishavane, Zimbabwe
Resides:- Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Languages:- English, Shona, and Ndebele
Hobbies & Interests:- Birdwatching, star gazing, reading, and jogging
With us since:- 2010
Detailed Description

I grew up in a rural village where values and morals were strictly enforced by our elders. There was one homestead with many children as well as aunties, in-laws, and nieces. We were poor, so having good food to share with everyone was impossible. Rural life was not easy and we'd go for weeks without tasting meat or bread. I did not have nice clothes. There was no such thing as owning your own clothes. One would wear whatever was available as long as it fit and was clean. We wore torn clothes and only had one outfit as our "Sunday Best." I walked to school without a lunch or shoes. We thought it was normal.

After high school, I went to college and studied travel and tourism. I worked for two safari companies before becoming employed by O.A.T. I love to travel and this job really offers me the chance to see different places. The stories I'd hear from my friends who were tour guides inspired me to choose this job.

As a Trip Leader, I find that O.A.T. travelers are ready to go and discover new things the moment there's an opportunity to explore something that is not on the itinerary. My favorite place to take our travelers to is Kaza Safari Lodge. I think of it as a faraway place because it offers peace and tranquility that most people have long-missed in their own countries. I also love to share local culture and fashion with them, like the chitenge, a popular African garment I like to show travelers at the Comesa market.

Since I have a strong rural background, I help my travelers understand my culture by sharing my personal life. We are a people who believe in Ubuntu, or traditions and morals.  I want travelers to experience the warmth and genuineness of my people. This helps them to appreciate the authenticity of our culture and traditions.

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